Thursday, 13 March 2014

Conundrum : Solo Travel or Group Tour

So lately I have been faced with this conundrum of whether to travel solo to a new country or wait till I find someone who wants to go with me. Travelling and discovering new countries and cultures is something I want to do alot of but I have been holding back due to not having friends around interested in travelling as much as I am.
I think it is fear keeping me from going alone to another country especially one where I do not speak the local language. Anyhoo I have been scouring the net for good travel tours, there are loads of them! so I need to do my research on them as per reviews and all.

I have read a few reviews of tours, the most common negatives include tours being expensive compared to planning the trip your self and poor standard hotels, not enough time spent at tourist attractions.

So what do you guys think, travel alone or go on tours where you are not alone and you get to meet new people ?

Have you guys taken any travel tours from England UK, which tour companies did you go with ?

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