Thursday, 24 November 2011

Friends with Benefits

This is officially my first blog post Yay! So I just launched my blog today after procrastinating forever. If you are reading this post thanks for visiting my blog, I will try my very best not to bore you :). I was thinking really hard about what my first post should be about, like everyone else wanted my first post to be something fun and exciting that everyone will want to read but then I just thought why not start with what I did last night. So after a long day at work, I decided to watch a movie. Decided to go for “Friends with Benefits” been meaning to watch that movie for a while, just never got around to it.

As expected it was a typical Hollywood romantic comedy, with a very predictable ending. Anyhoo so what did I think of the movie, it is a typical chic flick with a bit of humor not that funny but great acting. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake did a really good job in my opinion and there was great chemistry between them. Have always thought the whole friends with benefits business is just something that will never work, personally I believe once a girl and a guy shag more than twice, emotions will definitely get involved especially from the girl. We are emotional creatures, too emotional if you ask me no matter how tough we try to act, all that toughness is a huge fa├žade at least with most girls I know including myself.

Most of us will probably say, oh no I can’t do friends with benefits but have you ever met that guy or girl that you just know you can’t have a relationship with because it just won’t work but a roll in the sac with him or her won’t be a bad idea :D. Well that's how those tots creep in and you gradually start thinking  it won’t be a bad idea I don’t like him/her anyway so it can’t lead to anything…. Big lie soon one of you would start asking questions and want to define what you are doing. Enough rambling from me :), here is the trailer, If you have not seen the movie.

If you have seen “Friends with Benefit”, what did you think? Have you ever considered having a friend with benefits? :) or have you ever had a friend with benefits ? ;). Share your tots!



  1. I have seen this movie, though it was quite predictable, it wasn't that bad...usual ending for romantic movies. Well, talking about Friends with Benefits (FWB), I believe I know too well as I have had a friend with benefits, but it didn't end like movie I am afraid.

    I would like to think we are still friends though......

  2. hi Soul Child, thanks for taking the time to comment. First comment on my new blog :D. Awww good to know you are still friends though, like I mentioned in the post, it is always hard to keep the emotions or feelings away after all we are only human. Never been in one myself because I doubt I will be able to handle it well. Have a fab day